December 15, 2017

How to Generate Healthcare Sales Leads

This article describes how to generate healthcare sales leads. The ultimate goal is for most businesses selling health care products is to make money. Lead generation can result in less time prospecting and more time selling for those in the health care sales industry, potentially leading to more revenue. It is best to generate health care sales leads based on the specific target market.

Individual Doctors or Nurses

Contact professional associations and state licensing boards such as the American Medical Association or the National Medical Association for lists of members.

Attend health care seminars, workshops, or conventions – especially those focusing on the specialty or area the company targets. Having a booth, literature, and possibly even samples of the product available at these events can generate long-term sales. The person running the booth should be highly personable and have strong customer service skills. They need to be able to interact with the potential client personally and be well-versed in the specifics of the product(s).

Telemarketing has not been found to be effective with most doctors – mailings such as an e-newsletter, postcards, or brochures are more effective. It can be difficult to reach doctors on the phone, and text-based marketing has been found to be more effective in many situations. Perhaps a follow-up call to a mailing could also be utilized. Even if it means only leaving a message, it will reinforce the company’s name again.

Individual Patients

Obtain consumer lists from companies that sell medical supplies such as diabetic test kits, wheelchairs, etc. can provide valuable lists for cold calls or mailings.

Telemarketing, e-newsletters, postcards, or other mailings can all be utilized to reach the goal audience on an individual level. It is vital that the information provided be specifically targeted. There is no need to waste the company’s time or money sending information about a new type of insulin to an individual who does not have diabetes.

Mass media, specifically TV commercials or advertisements in magazines or major newspapers can spur patients to contact or ask their doctor about specific products, leading to greater sales and revenue.

Hospitals or Clinics

Not all hospitals contain all specialties. Be sure that the hospital or clinic being contacted can potentially utilize the product. For example, do not contact a Children’s Hospital if the product being sold is used to treat Alzheimers.

Cold calls of hospital administration in charge of bulk purchasing can be utilized.

Sending samples of the product to major hospitals and clinics can spur leads and sales. Many hospitals will distribute samples to their doctors and patients and in the future will be more likely to remember the company. If product samples are not an option, pens, notepads, and other types of useful everyday items with the product or company name could also be effective.

For all types of leads it is vital that the leads are focused based on the specific product or products provided by the company. It can also be wise to narrow the group to one geographic location such as all cardiologists practicing in Illinois.